LF: Edge Beyond in Galaxy

Hey there yoyo peeps!
My birthday is coming up this weekend and I’m preemptively researching the next throw that I might like to get if I receive birthday funds. I have always wanted an Edge Beyond and specifically I really love the galaxy one. I put out a message asking if there will be a restock but I just thought that I’d also put out a feeler for any that might be available on the bst.

I would prefer one that is mint or in very good shape/smooth - but please let me know if you have one regardless that you would like to sell. Also note, I live in Canada.
Thank you so much!
(Yoyo expert pic for attention)


I also loves the edges! Did not know they had this color, I think I am in love!


Le bump. :upside_down_face:

Last night I heard a BUMP in the night!


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