Edge Beyond

(Ken) #1

The Edge Beyond is one the of the most unique throws out there. Take a WEdge and an Edge 1.5, fuse them together, and you get the Edge Beyond! The Edge beyond is light enough to handle speed combos and tough horizontal combos while still maintaining the stability with those huge chunky rims to be able to pull of the most complicated tech combos. The Edge Beyond actually fits very well in your hand despite its shape. In addition to all that, it looks really flashy in play too. Once you get an Edge Beyond, It’s extremely hard to put it down; It’s just such a unique and addicting throw!


Is there a pic of it anywhere?

Closeup, starting to look like a Kuntosh now, Beyond is an extreme H shape – the Edge is more of a W shape!

image image

Bimetal Kuntosh, ok, now you have my attention :eye::nose::eye:

(André Boulay) #3

They have some GREAT colors too. I’m BEYOND excited… :wink:

(Ken) #4

I posted a pic in the “What are you throwing today” topic


Having had my Edge Beyond for a bit, I wanted to share my brief review. NB: I am not very good, so take this with however many grains of salt you like.

To me, this is a yo-yo at the extreme end of current yo-yo design. This isn’t just “bimetal” in the sense of traditional steel weight rings, these are massive steel cylinders that extend ~3mm “beyond” the edge of the sides – basically, the entire rims are steel. And then you have the minimalist aluminum cups to tie it all together, plus a titanium axle to shave 1g off center weight. And a fancy high end bearing to boot!

To my hand, it’s also shaped very much like a Kuntosh, which I personally love the feel of, albeit slightly smaller in diameter. But the weight distribution is very different. This yo-yo is all rim weight, almost completely so. I think it would be difficult to design a yo-yo that had a more extreme ratio of rim weight to center weight?

The Edge Beyond has no chill. It is a study in extremes, all rim weight and performance. It’s much more than a sports car, even a high end one… The Edge Beyond is a rocket car made for Guiness Book of World Record land speed record attempts in vast desert plains. :rocket:


Yeah, I’m convinced I’d only hurt myself with one those beasts. :flushed:


I don’t know how the Yoyofficer Hatchet + stacks up with the Edge Beyond, but I’ve heard people say that the Hatchet + is better than the regular Edge.

(Mark) #8

The Hatchet+ seems comparable. I have one and I’ve tried an Edge - I’ll have to compare them more closely next time I get a chance.

The Edge Beyond is probably not very similar to either.

(Ken) #9

Lol, I’ve only played with my Beyond for about an hour and haven’t played with it since. I keep it for the sole purpose of maintaining that Evan Nagao signature on the yoyo.


Well that’s Nagaonna be a lot of fun, is it?

(Ken) #11

:joy: Makes me happy to see that one yoyo in my collection is still in mint condition.