YoYoFactory Czech-Mate (CZM8) | New Release

The CZM8 was originally released in limited prototype form machined in the USA. Once they knew they got it right YoYoFactory refocused it to create a budget friendly version that still includes the same winning features. This is the new CZM8!

The CZM8 is exactly what Vashek wanted in a competition yo-yo and it is easy to see why. It is a straight up streamlined design for freestyle play. For the price you will find its performance difficult to beat!

The spin is strong, the maneuverability is stable, and the feel is out of this world. This yo-yo is capable of handling whatever you can throw at it, straight out of the box.

Czech-Mate Available here!

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Ooh looks pretty reminds me of the p.wave I like it!

Do some of these have different engravings?


The new ones all have the same engraving. There are still some original USA Made Prototype versions though that would be different.

Oh. I get it.

I tried the prototype and it was awesome! I loved it! Did they change anything?

This one is slightly bigger and wider, rims are more sharp and it’s heavier, both in specification and in feel.

This would be fun to own. Maybe in a few weeks.