Yoyofactory. Ben. Vegabomb. And Yoyodoc.

Here is the video not an unboxing one but as I didn’t know what I’ll get so I didn’t did one but I go through the yoyos here.

That thing I got today.

Here it is that. Lol.

Now I got an email from yoyodoc saying they’ll send me some stuff like strings loopers. I said OK. And thanks.

Then I thought OK pretty cool getting some stuff from yoyofactory.

But today the package came.

I thought ok cool. Then opened it and i fainted. Lol

There 1 2 3 total 9 yoyos in it that too the super cool ones. I couldn’t have thought I’ll get this. Then bearings. Gen yo entheos wow.


I’m really thank full to yoyodoc yoyofactory and vegabomb from yoyoexpert for sending me this.

I can’t thank enough. Really.


How I like these?

I got.
Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0
Genesis 2010 I think.
AL Dream
Tmbr Irving pro I think
And tom Kuhn fixed axle

General yo entheos

Tried really short time fixed axle so can’t say.

Then i just love the gen yo. I thought it’ll be just a novelty but surprised surprise. Its now my favorite on par with Cyborg 2.0 so smooth great for regens never thought you can these kind of powerful spin from this size yoyo but love.

Horizon. I loved the one I sold too but I dont know like this more and got finger spin for 1 minute on it its pretty awesome.

Not tried shuta enough.

Using the genesis for 5a I used regen before it. Its really nice.

Haven’t liked AL dream but I’ll give another try

Got 2 bearing and no jive axle too.

It’s really awesome.

And big thanks to Yoyofactoryben

Here ar the pics. http://imgur.com/a/LN24X

Yoyodoc Yoyofactory and vegabomb you guys are the awsomest. Love you.Yoyodoc Yoyofactory and vegabomb you guys are the awsomest. Love you.


AMAZING! Hats off to all those folks. :slight_smile:

Looks like an unengraved Doomsday to me, but what do I know?

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Amazing, Those guys deserve some mad respect for this. Very very nice of em. Let us know how they play. Put in some good reviews on the yoyos you received. That would be cool.

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Absolutely AWESOME! Some really nice throws there…Congrats mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh!!!

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Yeah these are really nice and thanks.

Will do thanks.

That’s really awesome of them! Enjoy the new throws!

If you like the entheos I would recommend trying some of their newer ones. The entheos gets blown out of the water by the klr imo

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That was an extremely nice gesture from those guys. And, you breathed a little fresh air into the forum lately, so I’m happy you got all those nice throws. Have fun MP!

Thank you.

Sure. I love the entheos. Will look for more general yos.

Thank you.

A thing to add.

I got that email. Then after a long time. I had this dream.

I was opening a box and getting surprised by the yoyos I got. And saying woo I got this I got that o this general yo oh this wooden wooohoo.

Then I got awaken and I thought hmm It was a dream and thought if I have something like this in mail.

But then I thought I’ll be getting yyf stuff only while thinking of the e mail.

But when the mail came after long time after that dream it was same yoyos. Like the yoyo dream. Lol.

Dream it into existence- Rico Norris



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Ricco Norris killing with these quotes.