Yoyofactory adventure... Now with cheap bi-metals!

Okay, I know it has been said before that YYF had some deals on indiegogo… But now it is better: cheap bi-metals!

25$ b-grade bi-metal Superstar (40$ the a-grade)
50$ a-grade Nightmare
160$ a-grade Superstar, your color choice a-grade Nightmare, Pink and Black A Grade EDGE (aqua or red)

Everyone can have a bi-metal now :smiley: I am getting a Nightmare myself (plus a Horizon I have had in my to buy list a long, long time), pitty that I already have a Superstar

*Edit: forgot to say this campaing is to get funds to start Yoyo contests in South America. Also yoyoexpert sponsors this trip.
I thought it had already been said in the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Dayum! The $160 is a great deal

Call me crazy…but posting links to a competitor’s website and telling ppl to go shop there is a little disrespectful don’t you think? It’s like walking into Burger King and telling everyone in line that McDonald’s is having a sale on chicken nuggets…Just my 2 cents.

edit after actually looking I realized that it isn’t actually a competitor but more of like a fundraising for an event. My apologies.

B Grade bimetals - I honestly won’t be doing that again. I bought a B-grade Genesis bimetal and it was pretty bad vibe-wise. Sadly it’s unplayable. Not to sound harsh or anything but that first bimetal b-grade left an awful taste in my mouth and I don’t see myself doing it again.

The A-grade thing sounds good though, the $50 Nightmare A-grade and the sweet package deal :slight_smile:

Now YYF b-grade monometals, I’ve had wondeful experiences with - Avant Garde, Superwide, Superstar, DV888, all played just like an A-grade.

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The Shutter and Horizon state that it is only cosmetic. Also, yoyoexpert is the $1000 sponser.

My bad, I knew there was a thread for the Titanium Shutter so I thought it had all been explained there

One of the few times I had some spare cheese but i missed it. Im actually looking for my first bi metal so that would’ve been perfect.

There will be special offers on July the 4th and the 6th (they have the schedule in the indiegogo page) , keep an eye on it and who knows, they might come with USA editions for some bi-metals or do a restock on some of them

Did you buy that B Grade brand new?

I bought it at BAC from the YYF table. I should have tested it out though before buying it, lesson learned (as much as I had good faith that it would actually play decent like all my other b-grades). Unfortunately it’s the case of “All sales are final, product is marked as b-grade”.

I bought the B Grade Superstar a while back on this (it’ll be my first bimetal), just now ordered a “Trust Ben.” That was a nerve racking one to order ;D

Vkss ftw

Just ordered a yyf turntable also B Grade from the yyf adventure campaign, I hope it is playable at least.

Honestly I prefer b grades a lot of the time. They play just as well almost always, with minor ano flaws (makes them more unique :wink: ). It will be great!

that’s good to hear, this will be my first B Grade yoyo so I hope it’s a good first experience.

Yay, I scored a Flea! I’ve always wanted one, but couldn’t quite pull the trigger.