Rather than put some bold predictions here we are just going to state what’s coming up for JUST the first 2 months of 2011.

YYF creates a stir with its new XXXX (to be revealed TONIGHT) project.

Gacek and Augie Fash come to YYF for new product videos/Product Testing

YYF visits HK for Toy Fair

EYYC player editions released including:
Gacek Supernova
VK3 Supernova
Kojo Genesis
graVICTOR Superstar
Dave Geigle Superstar

YoYoFactory receives the legal green light to resume limited contest sponsorship EYYC is first!

YoYoFactory EUROPE kicks into full gear supplying European stores.

Miggy heads to Europe for EYYC.

YoYoFactory continues the Plastic Revolution. Death to Metal changed the way you look at Plastic. The next step is to bring it to the people.

YoYo Releases:
Supernova (lite and regular)
XXXXXXX (to be revealed tonight)
BomBSquad ONE
Genesis (restock in both stacked and unstacked))

YoYoFactor 2011 Catalog released

YoYoFactory hits NYC for Toy Fair!

Gentry and Sterling eye national seeds at PNWR

YoYo Releases:
LOOP900 full release
XXXXXX (to be revealed TONIGHT)
Northstar (new colors)
Counter Attack
POPstar restock

NOTE [info from http://www.yoyofactory.com/news/index.php]

the XXXXXX will be revealed tonight on there web page that should be exciting


this just in

Introducing SUPERwide and MONSTER from YoYoFactory.

With width to diameter ratios once thought of as impossible these designs will change the way people play; making impossible catches almost routine, permitting unfathomably long Y-axis combinations.

Your perceptions of what can be achieved is due for a reset.

SUPERwide was designed and produced in China for YoYoFactory. Final assembly testing and QC occurring at YoYoFactory USA.
Economy grade alloy, rubber response pads, SPEC bearing. Ready to perform, at an attractive price.

MONSTER was designed produced and assembled by YoYoFactory USA.
6061 grade alloy, CBC response pads, Center Trac Bearing. The ultimate in wide performance.

You wont have to wait long:
SUPERwide shipping to stores THIS WEEK

this is exciting YYE can we get info on when superwides will arrive?

here is a pic of them at the bottom


ok that gold yoyo you see at the bottom is the aoda wide yoyo the two look the same right i thing yyf did some buying and re branding

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Sounds awesome, thanks for the post. Really looking forward to the One. It’s just basically a polycarb Lyn Fury, if anyone was wondering.

what is the xxxxxxx project?! ???

welcome and a polycarb lyn fury huh sounds fun

something to be revealed check my updates on this

Polycarb Lyn Fury eh?

I’ll take celcon over polycarb any day of the week.

where did you hear that?

Man, they have so many releases that sound so awesome, I’m just disappointed with the SuperWide and Monster. Could this be the shape the every yoyo will turn into? Let’s hope not.

true but it is nice sometimes to have a wide yoyo

I think the 2010 severe, supernova, or the yoyoskeel stalker is already wide enough. . . .

The Supernova isn’t that wide because I own one… and that and the 2010 Severe aren’t anything in comparison to wideness to the Stalker.

luckily for you, we are not stopping those yoyos from being made.

You just now have a bigger choice :slight_smile:

So this isn’t now the modern shape from the monster and superwide, right?

they are modern shapes, but it isn’t the only shape we will make yoyos in. Its all about choice ;D

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OK, haha. I was worried that every company now was going to make some shape like that, and that would be the new evolution change of yoyoing, incredibly wide gaps. And what’s the difference between the Super lite Supernova, and just the plain old Supernova?

I didn’t hear it, I know it. I’ve played it.

Any word on the 2011 loop 900 price? And Im also curious about the differences between Supernovas, I want one badly

When exactly is the Monster supposed to be in stores? I check the YoYoExpert main page like 5 times a day to see if it’s in stock. I’m pretty anxious to get one.

I’ll have to find it again, the link, but recall seeing a post somewhere stating Loop900’s would be about $20-$30, don’t quote me on that though.

I thought the Superwide was shipping like last week?