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I didn’t really know where to post this, my topic isn’t really about site improvement. It’s not truly about improving anything. Let me state up front this is a extremely trivial thing which is not truly much worthy of anyone’s time. It’s just something I’ve always thought.

I want to introduce for everyone’s consideration a notion that has been bumping around in my mind for sometime now. My comment here is in no way a criticism, please understand that. My musing is on the slogan “Make the Simple AMAZING”. Now again, I am not saying this is incorrect. All I’m saying is that it has always fit me like a left shoe on my right foot. The reason for that is to me it seems to be stated backwards. To say your making the simple amazing is to say spectators may see something and find it amazing when in fact we just make it appear that way. It is in reality quite simple. Anyone on the globe could actually do it if they would just try. There’s nothing special about it. It doesn’t really take much skill, it’s simple.

Now for me at least I have not found mastering the yo-yo at all simple. It’s challenging and takes a lot of time and practice. However, with the outstanding tutorials available here at YYE and the wonderful input, support and camaraderie found here in you can become quite proficient and accomplished at a very challenging skill. It can be quite daunting at times, but here at YoYoExpert you will be enabled to make the amazing simple.

Therefore I am throwing out for our consideration that, YoYoExpert – Make the AMAZING Simple, better defines the mission of the enterprise.

Again, I recognize this is just my feeble opinion. And please, I am not wishing to initiate a quarrel. I’m not even suggesting anything be changed necessarily. I’ve just always felt I would prefer to be thought of a someone who makes something quite challenging appear simple rather than one who makes something simple look difficult.



How did Ebilflindas thank you this 3 times?

Also, here’s my opinion on this matter.

The general public believe the yoyo to be a simple toy. They don’t know that it is actually very hard to maneuver it beautifully through the strings like we do.
Making the Simple amazing is what we do. People see me do tricks and are fascinated. It’s because they think of the yoyo as a simple toy. The basic idea of the yoyo, yes I’m going to say this, is pretty darn simple. But, it is us, the yoyoers which make this simple toy, amazing.

Hope that made sense.

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Yeah, I was wondering about those consecutive “Thanks” from the same person myself.

I thank you for taking the time to contribute your response and explanation. I understand the perspective from which you are approaching the phrase and follow your logic. We take something the world considers simple because the vast majority believe if it goes down and returns back to your hand again you have done everything there is to be done with a yo-yo. That’s it, simple. However those who are actually involved in the sport understand there is so much more, which is not only very challenging, but looks amazing.

MAKE (what the great unwashed consider) SIMPLE (and demonstrate how it can be truly) AMAZING

I understand how that works, but it still feels awkward to me. I like the thought that by being a participant in this fellowship of yoers, what once was complex and looked so AMAZING can become second nature and SIMPLE. The amazing becomes simple here.

As I so adamantly tried to stress prior, I am not saying the phrase as is is incorrect, just that MAKE THE AMAZING SIMPLE is more complimentary to the thrower.

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LOL! Point taken. 'nuff said.

Not to be rude, but if it was “Make the Amazing Simple” I think it would sound a little bit dull.

I follow your logic, I really do, but in my personal opinion I think that it sounds and (IMO) works better as “Make The Simple Amazing”.

Also, I think that “Make the Simple Amazing” sounds cooler to non-yoyoers, maybe by having the logo that way, people who see the tagline on shirts, sweatshirts. etc. find it cool, and maybe the will decide to start throwing yoyos.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


…sorry I ever broached the subject.

Yep, “Make the Simple Amazing” is more enticing for those just getting introduced to the avocation.

No need to be sorry.

It’s fine. :slight_smile: Everyone should have an opinion.

It wasn’t sorry as in “I apologize”, rather “I regret” ever broaching the subject.

I still feel the word “Amazing” can be understood as synonymous with "Baffling " or “Difficult”.

Make the Simple Difficult

Those who were baffled by simple tasks rode the short bus to school.

Either way,

It’s fine. :wink:

Hysterical. I’ve always thought the same thing. Great minds think alike I suppose… :slight_smile:

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Hmmm…My thoughts: Take a simple object, two halves, an axle, maybe a bearing, and do amazing things with it. All of a sudden that simple object is simply amazing thats why I still yoyo.


yep, I can see that as well. I suppose my problem is I’m just such a spaz. The yoyo is not simple for me. It’s difficult. It’s hard. I want someone to make it simpler for me.

It’s all good.

Funny enough I never thought of the tag line that way. That makes good sense of the wording. Live and learn. :slight_smile:

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I completely see your logic Banjo, it would just sound weird haha.

It seems I amazed a couple of you with my simple triple thank you. Honestly, I had no idea that happened. I am simple and amazed.

so ebilflindsa, the question is was the triple thank you really a simple task and you just made it look amazing to the rest of us or was it truly amazing but you just did it so well you made it look simple?


I was following your lead, BanjoSpins, using ‘amazing’ to = baffling, confuzzling.
So, to answer your question…yes. :wink:

I LOVE that word “confuzzling”. It is now an honored member of my personal lexicon.