Yoyoexperts most wanted

Which yoyos are on the top of your wants list?

1: Entheos
2: Model 10
3: Monkey Fist
4: Yelets
5: Wooly marmot

All the jojos :smiley:

1: H5x Chief
2: Peak
3: Arctic Circle
4: Trident
5: Lost in the Arctic Canvas

And yes, I’ll trade for them.

I am waiting for the yoyos I want in the mail. I’ve already acquired them :slight_smile:

your Cliff? :wink: oh and

  1. 7075 Majesty
    3.Arctic Circle
    4.Model 10
    5.Code 2
  1. Model 10
  2. Yelets
  3. Mo-Vitation
  1. majesty
    2)model ten

1.Chief (fools gold acceptable)
2.Chief (fools gold acceptable)
3.Chief (fools gold acceptable)
4.Chief (fools gold acceptable)
5.Chief (fools gold acceptable)
6.Chief (fools gold acceptable)
7.Chief (fools gold acceptable)
8.Chief (fools gold acceptable)
9.Glacier Express (fools gold acceptable)
10.Puffin (fools gold acceptable)

Note: this is not due to the hype I played with Chiefs right after they came out and disliked them but have run into a CLYW collection and now regret not getting one earlier

clyw Peak
ironman peak
and another peak

Theres a loaded peak on ebay right now. ending tomorrow! don’t miss it!

YYR Blink
YYR E=mc^2
YYR Acrophobia
CLYW Chief
C3 Berserker RX

Photon Spirit
Any rare side effects lol

The cliff came in the mail today!! :smiley: now I’m waiting for the Hulk smash 7075 chief. I’m really hoping it gets to my house before I leave for CA states Friday afternoon.

5 star
OG Torrent

YYM Remate
Werrd Sentinel
CLYW Cliff
General Yo Model 10
YYR Overdrive

sodablasted code 1
spyy radian superlight
anti-yo bape + eetsit

It used to be that but now I got it waiting in the mail (thx preinfalk). Honestly, not buying any throws for a loooooooong time.


Model 10
Arctic Circle