when i recieved my first metal, a yoyofactory g5 i loved it, however an amature friend of mine somehow bent the the axle of the yoyo rendering it useless, but the problem was much deeper than that, my friend did not just bend the axle, he bent the whole yoyo throwing off its balance so i go to yoyonation saying “I need a new axle for my yoyo may I have one please?” but upon telling them that my friend broke it, there words were “well, since it was user error, we do not have to send you and axle.” but also at the time I had told yoyoexpert that my throw monkey’s axle had broken when i was unscrewing the yoyo, well unloke yoyonation, yoyoexpert sent me a new axle before they even responded to my email.

to this day my G5 is intact, but unrepairable, and my throw monkey is in pieces but to the day of getting my throw monkey axle I learned one thing: never again by from yoyonation and so I write to you today with my message to join the yoyoexpert family
as a prime example of yoyoexpert’s hopitality, I sent them and email asking if the duncan hugo had a different axle than it’s platics brothers and sister here is what I asked and here is what the person said" does the duncan hugo come with the axle all duncan yoyos use?
" "Duncan uses different axle among its all metal brand we are pretty sure

  • and it is definitely different from the ones in their standard plastic
    yo-yos. Did you need a replacement axle, etc?" I didn’t even mention plastic and they knew what I was talking about!! they even ask if I needed a new axle, that why I stay at yoyo expert.

If you broke the throwmonkey’s axle by just unscrewing it then that is not a user error. That is a faulty product which is covered. Say you smashed your yoyo on purpose to get a new one. They can’t an by no right have to cover that. Your reasoning is way off.

true but still yoyoexpert has a great community and many members

Well, I never said it didn’t, I just think that that assumption is false based on his logic.