YoyoExpert weight off?

I have a duncan torque, and on the box (and from a couple guys from duncan) I’m being told 67.1 grams, and yoyoexpert clocked in at 65.8… Anyone have an explanation as to why?

Maybe Duncan’s weight is with a string on? I don’t know haha

I cannot tell you why, but I have very often found actual weight to differ from manufacturer’s suggested specifications. For example, Onedrop says that the Valor weighs in at 66g and my scale says that it weighs in at 65.5g. My Sleipnir is supposed to weigh 65g, but it is 66g on my scale. My 65g Chief actually weighs in at 64.8g. Also, I check my scale to occasionally for accuracy so I know that I can trust it to be fairly close and in no way responsible for the magnitude of discrepancy being discussed.

I have a scale as well. All of the weights of my yoyos are correct give or take .1-.2g. Biggest difference is my Overdrive is 63.4g, .6g off, but outside of that every other yoyo is within .3g difference.

That’s including my Valor, 66 even, and my Sleipnir, 64.9.

It is weird - but we did weight the Torque and the weight is as we reported on the page! There can be variance between colors sometimes - but it usually isn’t more then a gram. Not sure why Duncan’s packages says what it does!

Maybe somebody has to calibrate their scales could be the problem