YoYoExpert Quiz Show Chat Summary

Hello Yo-Yo Players!

We had our first Chat Quiz Show last night and it went off great!
There were ten questions (you can see them pasted below with answers).
Whoever answered the question the fastest received a point.
The winner with the highest points received a signed Legacy.
Then anyone who answered a question was entered into a WILD CARD round where a winner was chosen using the ever famous “I am thinking of a number” method.

Congratulations to:
Samad for winning the Signed Legacy
PoopiePants for winning the Transitional Journey Wild Card

Questions are pasted here. See you next week for the next YYE Quiz Chat Show!

Question 1
Who won the 2001 National Yo-Yo Contest?
Answer: Jason Lee

Question 2:
Who owns the yo-yo website www.YoYoFreaks.com?
Answer: Johnnie DelValle

Question 3:
Who invented the trick Rancid Milk?
Answer: Spencer Berry

Question 4:
What was the first YoYoFactory yo-yo sold?
Answer: Fast 201

Question 5:
Fill in the BLANK… “If it isn’t a ________ - it isn’t a yo-yo.”
Answer: Duncan

Question 6:
What company used to sell a yo-yo called the Rev-Rim.
Answer: Yomega

Question 7:
Who currently holds the record for the longest sleeper in the world?
Answer: Tim Redmond

Question 8:
Who invented the trick Skin The Gerbil?
Answer: Doctor Popular

Question 9:
In the retired yo-yo SpinFaktor HG - what does the HG stand for?
Answer: Heavy Gravity

Question 10:
What famous player used to work for and design most yo-yos made by the “once company” TEAM LOSI?
Answer: Steve Brown

ehh…It is a pity,I can’t take part in it.In Russia it is crazy time 8:00pm 9:00pm east time :frowning:

it was a great game. hopefully i’ll get to win sometime though. hahah. later and remember keep it spinning.

Is there anywere we can go to study up on yoyo facts? when im looking for facts all i ever find is the history of yoyos being weapons. So any sites or anything? :slight_smile: ???

It was funny! My wife showed up to pick me up just after the first question was asked! I was supposed to be ready when she got here because we were in a rush to get somewhere before 9, so I left her waiting 10 min in the driveway honking at me. I was already excited enough at the possibility of winning a new yoyo(I haven’t got a new yoyo in a couple years), so being rushed like that made the contest pretty intense!! Was a lot of fun! Looking forward to the next game show.

Thanks a lot for the Journey Andre, Cheers!!!

That was a lot of fun, My heart was beating so fast!!

Thanks for the signed Legacy Andre!!!

Just received my Transitional Journey yesterday! Thanks you so much YoYoExpert!! It looks so cool. Really nice colour. It’s kind of a Translucent Dark Blue(It’s a bit hard to explain). I love it. Very cool yoyo.