Chat Night Quiz Game Show # 2 Summary!

We had yet another wonderful QUIZ SHOW Chat night here at
We tried something a little different - there were ten questions and again whoever answered fastest scored a point - however you were retired to the final round if you got 2 correct.
The prize was a limited edition (and now discontinued) SpinFaktor HG yo-yo (red with limited edition Gray Rims).

The first ten questions (along with answers) are posted below:

  1. Who is considered to be the “Father of the modern yo-yo” in terms of first to release a high-performance ball bearing yo-yo?
    Answer: Tom Kuhn

  2. What popular character in Super Smash Brothers uses a yo-yo as a weapon?
    Answer: Ness

  3. What yo-yo did John Ando use to win the 2008 World Yo-Yo Contest?
    Answer: SuperStar

  4. How many National Yo-Yo Masters (Masters and Grand Masters) have been named by the National Yo-Yo League?
    Answer: 13

  5. What yo-yo currently holds the record for the longest sleeper in the world?
    Answer: YoYoJam Mega SpinFaktor 2.2

  6. This question was thrown out
    What two YoYoJam yo-yos were signature series of Tomonari Ishiguro (also known as Black).
    Answer: The Black Nova and the Clessiah

  7. What yo-yo girl was featured on the Disney channel
    Answer: Farrah Siegel

  8. In 2003 they held the first Artistic Performance Division at the World Yo-Yo Contest. Who won this division?
    Answer: Mark Montgomery

  9. Who invented the style of play that involves two offstring yo-yos used simultaneously on a single string - and what is this style called?
    Answer: Takahiko Hasegawa invented SOLOHAM

  10. What was the first YoYoFactory yo-yo to feature hub stacks?
    Answer: G5

  11. What company was founded by former Duncan Professional Arne Dixon?
    Answer: SuperYo

Then after a server reset (yikes - thanks for sticking around guys) there were four left:
Michael, Robert2393, Samad, Kevin
The final round had two questions:

Semi-Final round:

  1. What company designed and sold yo-yos that were made from skate board wheels?
    Answer: Fakies

  2. who started the company Oxygene (from Italy) and invented the very famous Oxy 1, 2, and 3?
    Answer: Carlo Alberto Menon

Michael and Samad Advanced to the FINAL round and…

  1. Who invented the very famous trick and difficult trick Super Man?
    Answer: Jason Lee

Michael answered the above question and was the quiz show chat night champ!!!
Great job!

See everyone again for another weekly chat night game show coming to a near you. :wink:
Thanks for coming.

Wooo, I won. And if you couldn’t be there it was a great time and I would suggest making time for it if you can.

nice win Michael. I’m gonna try to study on some of this stuff. later and remember keep it spinning.

Yeah, good job, Michael. :slight_smile:

I wish I hadn’t missed the last question of the first round (that’s when the chat stopped working for me, but apparently not everyone else)…I might’ve been able to go to the final round.

Is there going to be another Quiz Game Show next week? I love these. ;D

Congratulations Michael! I too love these quiz shows, even if you lose they’re still very very fun! Hope to see you guys next week!

Where can we study this kind of stuff?

Super bummed that I couldn’t make it . =[

I would check out!

~yo! shi!

Cool, thanks!

I don’t have time to study yo-yo stuff with finals on thursday and friday.

That was great ;D I can’t believe I got that FAR! Next time Micheal, I’m gonna type waaaay faster :slight_smile:

ok wat is the time for quis according INDIA plz sm 1 tell me

I believe about 8 am or so depending on where in India.

can any 1 tell me any website there i cn learn abt yoyo for quiz ???

Its not .com, its actually

I guessed. :slight_smile:

hey guys can u tell me time for quiz is according to which city?
plz tell me i ll set my computer clock according to that

What time, and what day is is for you, right now???

It is based off of Eastern Time. GMT-05:00.