YoYoSkills.com Interview - The Great Tom "Dr. Yo" Kuhn

(okay, it is June 6th on the east coast so…)
Tom Kuhn is the "Father of Modern Yo-Yoing. His take apart design is used in every competitive yo-yo on the market today. He is a Pioneer, a Statesman, and quite possible, the most influential and important man in the yo-yo industry today.

I recently did a review of the No Jive 3-in-1 which is without a doubt the best wooden yo-yo on the market. Today I have a surprise. Today, on June 6th, National Yo-Yo Day, I am happy to give the readers of YoYoSkills.com my yo-yo gift. My interview, with Tom Kuhn.

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Wow, that was an amazing interview!

An absolutely wonderful interview.

Happy National Yoyo day Everyone!

Thanks guys. Sorry for the late post, but I was driving back home today (11 hours of CAR… blech)
The interview was tons of fun. I love the way it turned out.