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Ask me the hardest yoyo relayed question u know and ill c if i can answer! Go ahead! The ultimate quiz starts… NOW

How many yoyos total have been produced?


Thats a puzzling question, because there are independents that make their own personal yoyo…
I guess ill guess, uhhhhhhh 756,000,000

What were the material, weight distribution, and other design choices that led the Rev-G to be considered one of the worst yoyos ever made?

Answer, in detail, the difference in play expected from placing a significant amount of weight in the middle of the yoyo on the outside of the yoyo, or in the inner cup.

The hardest question has to be “How many yoyoers are there?”

Here is mine>

Why was the yoyo a fad?

I guess this question isnt that hard but im curious… Who invented unresponsive play, and when? What was the first unresponsive yoyo?

When will yyj and yyf make a collaboration yoyo

Ok, the rev g was a graphite yoyo
focused weight onto the outer rings and then in to the center, i think from pictures
Im assuming from reviews the the adjustible gap was a big mistake because it caused unpredictable response

Had to look up that yoyo ^^^

Center weight: causes a shorter sleep time but is more floaty

Rim weight: longer spins, also more balanced but can require more force to switch directions

Cup weight: ???

Here is a legit yoyo quiz question.

What does SPYY stand for?

(No Cheating!!! Don’t look it up)

Im not psychic, but… im getting a message in my head… When yyj… Starts making suprising great full metal yoyos, and less bi metals

Uhhhhhhhhhhh… Space Precision yo yos?? Idk

What two yoyos inspired the CLYW Peak?

So dang close.
Respect for not looking it up.

Saturn Precision YoYos.

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Ok i dont know about the beginings of unresponsive yoyos, and i wont cheat, but i do know that in 2001 unresponsive yoyos began popularizing when yyj released the hitman yoyo

It is an exteremely portable toy that has infinate possibilities and is simple to learn

It is also a verry impressive skill ( for the ladies :wink: )

Yea, the earliest videos of unresponsive play ive found was in 2001-2002 or something

Hitman and wooly marmot?

Very close, Hitman is one of them the other is the YYF Fast 401K.

The Peak was CLYW’s first yoyo. The Wooly Marmot came later and was based on the Peak design.

Ohhhhh… Thats cool, im not verry familiar with the 401k but its similar to the axiom, right?

Which came first the chicken or the egg?
What was the first tech trick