Yoyoexpert Luftverk Giveaway! **WINNERS ANNOUNCED!**

(LJ) #21

My favorite thing about it is the bang for your buck!


Definitely with the others on purple. If you could do a purple/pink swirl, that would be cool.


I love the skyva’s light feeling on the string and insane finger spins


Awesome player for an EDC… at an amazing price!!!

Would LOVe a Glow-in-the-DARK Skyva! ;D


I voted orange and yellow in the poll for a simple reason. I think larger, fast, high performance plastic yoyos should be bright and contrast strongly against ‘any’ background.

I like every color option in the poll. But for the Amazingly superb Skyva; I think the warm colors would just stand out better.

That being said; I would go off the color choice list and suggest Transitional color ways… No two would be exactly the same. I remember years ago when SuperYo used to sell the transitional Renegades. They were pretty good looking yoyos. And recently at Nationals; Duncan was selling Freehand Pro models that were all transitionals and they looked really nice.

The Skyva is such a great value; any colors will do the trick. :+1:

(From the cranky old folks home) #26

Red and purple do it for me.

The world needed a new, good performing plastic yoyo at a reasonable price point. You met that need with the Skyva.


There are many reasons as to why I love the Skyva. I like the texture, and feel of the shape and the plastic in the hand. The special finger spin area, also aids in more balanced and fun finger spin times as well.

Can’t forget about the play too. I love the way that it feels light on the string, nicely balanced when doing horizontals and long tech tricks, and plays overall in my view of an ideal plastic yoyo; light, maneuverable, and fun.


One main reason why the skyva is a must have and my personal favorite is because it has amazing performance for modern yoyoing for a low cost that the majority of yoyo players can take advantage of.

(InvaderDust) #29

It just dawned on me. This marketing move is simply brilliant. Good move buddy! Well played. 8)


Locks in fingerspins like nobody’s business.


Not seeing a poll to link but I’d love one in blue & orange (gator fan)

Never played with a Skyva, but it looks rad


A rich brown.

Play my skyva more than any other plastic, still the best I’ve ever owned, even if there weren’t the finger spin cups.


I want to see clear skyva

(Neil ) #34

love the finger spins. ;D


It’s plastic! :slight_smile:


(2Sick Joey) #36



Voted for PURPLE :slight_smile:


I just ordered one, and I’m really excited to try out a plastic that can fingerspin!

(rizkiyoist) #39

What I like about Skyva.
Finger spins like forever, solid, and don’t feel too ‘plasticky’ like most other plastics. Feels so smooth as if it’s made on a lathe.


I like the smooth texture of the plastic itself, and the over all shape of it as well. It makes grinds and fingers spins a snap.