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Future guides to be linked here.

Awesome! I think I’m gonna finish mine now ;D

Cool. I haven’t been able to work on mine at all lately, because of homework and such. :-\

Yeah, me too!

Happy Throwing! =]


well there was a discussion about guides a few months ago. what a guyed is is basically a dictionary or an encyclopedia about yoyos and yoyo related things such as players, items, and company’s. these guys are righting guides for this section to help later yoyoers. so if you want to right a yoyo guide go right ahead than you can post it here. later.

keep it spinning

I think he was asking when this post will be updated with guides, not what a guide is.

Not to necro (Sticky… ???) but any guides?


Haha jk, i guess andre’s pretty busy.

Its a sticky, dude

He said he was joking.

Once again…

(Look at my last reply ;))