::SPECIAL PREVIEW:: "Guide to YoYoing: Fall 2009 Revision"

Welcome to the “Guide to YoYoing: Fall 2009 Revision” Special Preview!

Seven months ago, I created the topic “A Guide to YoYoing” (http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,702.0.html). With it receiving 1000+ hits, I decided to improve and expand the guide. This is where my Fall 2009 Revision fits in. This fall, I am going to create a whole new guide packed with information to help reach out to new yoyoers, as well as current yoyoers struggling with certain topics. This new guide will include 19 chapters, which is 8 more than the previous guide!

Here is what is coming soon:

  • New Chapters, covering modding yoyos, using both YoYoExpert.COM and YoYoExpert.ORG, and even a guide to buying a yoyo, whether it be your first or fifth.
  • Pictures! This is probably one of the most wanted additions to my guide.
  • Links to other sites to help you out along your journey.
  • Even more content!
  • And much, MUCH more

And all of this will be coming to you on the ever so close date of November 1st!

Updates - My latest updates will be posted here, in the form of a small little blog. :slight_smile:

9/24 @ 11:10PM CST - I have updated my first post with my proposed guide outline, along with percentage of completion next to each chapter. I have also began work on chapters 1 and 4.

9/24 @ 11:52PM CST - I have attached a PDF with my current outline.

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I’m really excited for this guide!

One little caveat though: external links are kinda frowned upon. Links to other stores’ yo-yos that are carried here at YYE is against the rules. I’m not telling you to be rude, just letting you in on the politics since you’ve been gone.

I think links to other forums is okay, but I would say (and remember I am saying this before reading any of it) to keep it to a minimum.

One thing I would like to see is a sub-section about the mighty flame-wars that have occurred here, and the moral of the story. The reason for this is to show new-comers and veterans alike the culture of this place, so we can avoid future pit-falls. A simple recommendation.

Again, I really can’t wait to see the completed project. Is there anything we as the community can do to help you?

I am aware that I should not post links to other stores. The external links I had in mind were André’s site, YoYoWiki, and some other trick resources. I have no intention of linking to other stores or any other site that might draw users away from YoYoExpert.

I will highly consider you’re recommendation, as it is highly possible to include.

As for the community helping out, it would be great if anyone could send me as much recommendations as possible. I hope to list all of the recommendations at the end of my guide and mark whether I had time to implement them or not. If I do not have time to implement them, I will save them for my next revision. I hope to make this guide the way the community sees fit.


I suggest looking at this thread. It has many guides that will prove helpful to your research:

Thank you, Samad, I will highly consider those guides for research.

UPDATE: I have attached a PDF with the current outline in the first post. I will try my best to keep this up-to-date.

Wow, So cool

If anyone has any suggestions, please post them here or PM me with them. I am going to try to complete all the suggestions I get, as I want the community to form the guide.

I have about five chapters done so far! Any suggestions yet? Also, if you can send me any pictures that may help, PM me! :slight_smile:

When do u think it will come out?

November 1st! :slight_smile: