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OK just a wile ago DYonch made a post called “One Guide To Rule Them All”. This was a vary great post and it has occurred to me that we don’t have a guide section. I thought it would be convenient to move all the yoyo related guides on yoyo expert to this section. Would cut down on the questions in the general yoyo forum an would keep searching to a minimum seeing how the guides are all in one specific place. So what do you think André? What do you think YYE members? Oh and by teh way here is DYonch’s post.,3408.0.html


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(Cinimod105) #2

I feel that this would be useful.


I think the post works fine.


But he exeeded his charachter count and now we have to delete our replies. :-\


He is making a new post with more guides in that.

He wanted to be the First and second person posted on the thread.

(Cinimod105) #6

But he would have to edit the post everytime someone posts a new guide. Won’t this be very tedious?


Not really, how often do guides come around?

(JDrocks!) #8

i just made one today


i would think that a thread works good though, but less text and just putting the guide name, and then the link.


When was the last one?

(JDrocks!) #11

today it was another one about bearings


I agree with this.

(JDrocks!) #13


Well i guess that idea was a flop. Later.

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