New "Guide" section

I’ve been thinking, and I’ve come to a conclusion that it might be a good idea if a “Guide” section, or something similar, was added to YoYoExpert. This would save the trouble of having to dig out some of the helpful guides in the General section to help someone, and it might also save people the trouble of asking questions.

What do you think?

I’ve PMed Ándre about this before, but he didn’t respond. I think it’s a great idea, people are always asking for more tutorials other than the ones that Ándre offers. This would be a great chance for that!

André. The accent is over the “e.”

I think it would be nice… but the problem is, what if Joey made a modding guide, but Mike made a trick development guide… them being in the same section would be kinda awkward. Moar stickies, then?

What should happen is DYonch’s One Guide To Rule Them All topic should be stickied if it isn’t already.

I say this because we have had this question asked before and somehow we ended up saying it wouldn’t be worth it or something.

However, if we did do a Guides section, there could be a sub-section for Trick Guides and one for Other Guides.

Good idea, I like it. Or you could just do a sticky topic like the “One Guide to Rule them all”

good idea but i do not think it is necessary.
you could just type it into the search bar.
whenever i needed a guide i looked it up in the search bar, and it has never failed to give me what i needed.