One Guide To Rule Them All

Ah, my 400th post…
(Errr… 396th :D)

Lately, there have been a lot of great guides popping up on YYE. However, it will be hard for beginners to get all the information if it isn’t all in one place. Without further ado:
One Guide To Rule Them All

[font=Verdana]General YoYo Guides

Samad’s Comprehensive YoYo Guide

Mitchell’s Guide To YoYoing,702.msg5443/topicseen.html#msg5443

[color=blue]Jayyo’s Some Do’s and Don’ts About YoYoing[/color]

[color=blue]Common Misconceptions About YoYoing by XDohl[/color]

[color=blue]Samad’s No YoYo Is Better Than The Other[/color]

Various Useful Information by JHB8426

Forum Guides

[color=blue]Kim-Lan’s Guide To Using The Forums[/color]

[color=blue]Mitchell’s Guide To Writing A YoYo Review[/color]

Buying Guides

The Official Unofficial YoYoExpert Buying Guide by Samad

[color=blue]YoMeister’s Buying Guide

Modding Guides

Samad’s Guide To Cleaning A YoYo Bearing[color=red]

[color=blue]Pat Cuartero’s Guide To Modding Raiders

[color=blue]Modding For Dummies by YoYoBoy881[/color],13899.0.html

[color=blue]Gracieyoyogirl’s Guide To Painting YoYos[/color],39555.0.html

[color=blue]David W’s Guide To Satin Finishing[/color],3903.0.html

Trick Guides

[color=blue]CelticPride’s Trick Megapost[/color],16947.0.html

XDohl’s Guide To Inventing Tricks,3617.msg39295/topicseen.html#new

Contest Guides

GMUser’s Guide To Contests,3071.msg32754/topicseen.html#msg32754

String Guides

[color=blue]Robert2393’s Guide To String-Making[/color]

[color=blue]X-CONVICT’s String Comparison Guide[/color],5731.0.html

[color=blue]Gsimian’s Guide To String-Making[/color],32980.0.html

JHB8246’s Guide To String Changing

5A Guides

[color=blue]Everything You Need To Know To Start Playing 5A by Boxthor[/color],50426.0.html

iRon’s Guide To Counterweight Weights

Miscellaneous Guides

[color=blue]Doubleyou’s Complete List of Skill Toys[/color],6451.0.html

As always, I am looking for new guides and/or suggestions on this post. Thanks :slight_smile:


[s]Thanks guys! I’m gonna have to ask you to delete your replies so I can reply first (I want to add more guides but exceeded the maximum amount of characters (20,000))

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Its always good to have good, long advice posts like this one. Good job man! :wink:

Ahh yes, that did the trick :wink:

Btw, is this guide meant to be for YYE guides, or every guide on the net?

It seems to be all guides.

Anybody else thing the title sounds like Lord of the Rings? “Seven guides of power made. One guide to rule them all” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I am a big LOTR fan (as you can see from my avatar).

On Topic: Since it seems like people want a more simple compilation of guides without so much text, I’ll be editing it and it will take up a WHOLE LOT less space… And be far easier to read and navigate.

Everyone, please delete your posts to make space for DYonch!!!

I think the two first posts should be enough room since he is changing it to have less text.

Yup, it’s all good now.

However, I feel like it is very hard to read and find what guide you are looking for.
Any suggestions on organization?

Maybe ABC order on the main topic.
Like mine would be ontests, and Kim-Lan’s would be forums, etc…

I completely re-organized it. Any suggestions?

Where’s my guide?

My bad.

Just put it in.

I think that’s all of the guides, good job.

you could throw in a table of contents that had small codes next to each subject for ctrl+f

for example you could have:

5A guides…[5a]

you just highlight [5a] then ctrl+f and hit enter. would make navigation much quicker.

Wow. THIS IS CRAZY! How long did this take you?


Haha, that sounded funny!
Just like Samad’s BLUMP. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats a Blump?

Any more guide suggestions?