anyone use any throws from this brand. I am currently looking at venus,bad boy,soul mate,and the Promise cant find a retailer for those throws.

I have a Yoyo empire sun, it’s a Delrin. Man is it a great throw! Super smooth and Only cost 26$ and I know of a retailer that sells some Yoyoempire
Yoyoempire.net is the empires site.
If you want to know the retailer just PM me

I happen to live pretty close to a yoyo shop that is one of the first to carry them in stock so I try almost all I can but out of your list I have only used the venus and no joke I think it just as good as my friends yyj phenom. But all their yoyos are amazing for the price. :wink:

I have the Star. Delrin with metal weight rings. This thing plays awsome.

Dude Where Do You Live??? I have let me see… NO yoyo stores around where I live.