Yoyobattle! Apollo2, LeftyLink, Supbreh1234 VOTING UP! Ends 4/19!

Honest opinion please!

Ill put the videos up and add a poll once all videos are are up.

Everyone here has less then 1.5 years of experience. I battle for fun, so dont hate if im terrible :wink:





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Where are the others?

Ill put the videos up and add a poll once all videos are are up.

I just made the thread already.

I thought it said one throw…

oh crap… lemme cut that out. Its the same combo anyways.

Im set now!

Well we both got 1 min only LOL

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Leftylink is using a white yoyo with a white string and white shirt standing in front of a white and yellow wall and door with a bad camera. Supbreh1234 is sideways…

Looks pretty even to me. May the best man win! Good luck leftylink!

Wheres apollo2’s video… he said hed have it up 2 days ago HAHA!

tis my 1st video :frowning:

I filmed it with a phone vertiacally.

Please vote when voting is up based on our yoyoing skills, not if its sideways or not LOL!

Actually, it’s YYE edition YYSL Type X, but yeah sorry about the bad conditions, I made the video in a hurry :stuck_out_tongue:

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I cant see the string!

Dude, can I redo mine tomorrow, I still have some neon orange expert string I can use, I’ll do the same combo

I personally dont care at all. No need for you to exert the extra effort.

Wear a black shirt…

If possible a black background.

Redo right here-

Supbreh1234, can you update the post so it has this link


Well… I guess I’m voting for Leftylink. There is still no poll up.