YoYoBall - Wombat Cube (prototype assembly - Apr 26)


The first installment of my personal series, known also by its edgy codename YYB01 “Droppings” WombatCube, has officially gone into prototyping stage.
Diameter: 44mm
Width: 44.4mm
Weight: 65-67.5g
size D bearing


Oh snap a Size D! Very unique!

Diggin the 1:1 diam/width ratio. I was considering doing something similar when messing around with designing a yoyo.


saw this on the facebook bst group. wow, this will play really cool. i’ve never played a yoyo of these specs before


First half is out!


Assembling and siliconing the first run protos. Yyr clashcube for scale


Looks interesting. Whats the assembled weight?


I took into account that this first run might have to be used for some sort of calibration. The weights came out a bit off but i did get two falling inside the target range.


I love it! What a chunker! :grinning:


The prototype design is being revised. 3 of the 5 first run (“heavy”) prototypes will now be available on req
As a bonus here for you is a sneak peek at YYB02, still in concept art stage:


Dissolving some center weight on one of the existing prototypes to test effects of eventual comparable changes to the design.