New Company Dropping In To Say Hello + Prototype First Look

Hi, Throwers!

My name is Jack and I’m from the UK. I love throwing, but felt the UK was under-represented in the yoyo scene, so when the opportunity to form a new yoyo company came as part of a university project, I grabbed it with both hands.

So, that’s the brief story behind how Wolf Yoyo Works came to be. Now, the yoyo!

If you were at the Spanish nationals, you may have had a glimpse at the design already, Jordan from Smashing kindly took a prototype along to collect some feedback.

In case you didn’t, here’s the profile over on our Instagram. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

The cup is definitely the most unique part of the design. We don’t think there’s another yoyo out there quite like it. If you’re interested, details will be released over on our Instagram soon.

Specs of the prototype (subject to change):
Diameter: 53mm
Width: 44mm
Weight: 65g

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the profile!

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