some prototype i made

name : demo

spec :

  • width : 42.1mm
  • dia : 53 mm
  • gap : adjustable 3,9 - 4,2mm
  • bearing : 5x11x5 size D
  • weight approx : 66gr
  • feature : interchangeable niple, adjustable by twist gap,

name : dwi

spec :

  • width : 39.8mm
  • dia : 54 mm
  • gap : adjustable 3,8 - 4,1mm
  • bearing : 5x11x5 size D
  • weight approx : 64gr
  • feature : interchangeable niple, adjustable by twist gap,

comment and critique are welcome… ;D

how does it play?

Would you sell these ???

My question exactly.

You should make a vid. Also are you planning on getting these machined and will the weight difference be acounted for ? Because aluminum is probably heavier then that plastic you used. But other than that they link great exspesialy the last one.

First of all, what kind of material is that?

Now to the critique.
The first one is a beautiful looking yoyo. As long as the weight is in the right places, it will be a big seller. I really love the shape.

Second one doesn’t appeal to me that much as far as looks but play may be a different story.

I say kudos!

This is nice the first one seems good so does the second but do they play?!?!?!?

Lets just get this out… This is BEAST i LOVE d bearings more people should usd them i love your Protos im a big fan od new companys this designs a ligit.

Looks great. The shape is pretty cool too

They both look awesome! I like the shapes of both. If you plan on making a run and selling them, I’ll definitely buy one, possibly of both :wink:

thanks for your response ;D

the demo is almost play like i wish. Solid feel and stable for hozontal.
Dwi plays too light for my taste amd fast.

These first prototype are made of ebalca, and the next prototype will be made of delrin and nylon. I still working on these, espicially the adjustable gap system

I have to agree w/ Icthus, that 1st one is AWESOME!!! If that bad boy is 54mm, that’s a HUGE selling point for me :smiley:

@Anggut So how did you get rid of the vibe that occured earlier?

Finally you post that baby here. About time, indonesia should have more exposure.

I haven’t had a chance to play those beast. Now I’m really curious.

Sorry I haven’t show up yet on bekasi meet up. Regards to Livi.

And welcome to YYE.

They both look nice. I actually like the second better, as I like the larger catch zone, but it reminds me of the Shinwoo Zen 6 I think. The first design kinda reminds me of organic meets art deco meets high tech.

I’d buy both if the price was what I was after. Definitely interesting.

interchangeable niples FTW! :slight_smile:

These look awfully similar to Side Effects…

I like the look of both of them.

I’m diggin both designs!

I don’t know why, but they remind me of something Werrd would do.

@ rizki
the vibe is come from lack of precision machining, so in the second proto i had ask the machine shop to make it more percise.
I tought they are underestimate and probably dont understand what a good yoyo is,

@ arif
thanks, we are waiting you join us :smiley:

@the machinist
you know it man, one drop inspired me… :slight_smile:
i design it with some change, so i can adjust the gap…