YoYo Wish List


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CLYW Cliff, OD Sovereign

(major_seventh) #3

Draupnir, Triad, Bonfire


co-lab,Gelada 1&2,forte, puffin1,AC1,DS Pride,Recrev silly goose

(Erik Kerber ) #5

Every CLYW. G2 Quake, OD Gradient, YYF Horizon.


A Viszilla is numero uno, by far.

There are only two yoyos that I’ll be looking to buy new anytime soon, which are the Markmont.Classic when it drops, then a Draupnir eventually.

Besides the Viszilla, stuff that I’d want to pick up used but mint or near mint include: the other Markmont throws, a Bass Line 2, Ricochet, Dropbear, Puffin 2, and 4XL Groovy.

I have a few personal unicorns as well. I already mentioned the Viszilla. But other unicorns are the Sovereign, Mg, and various titanium throws.


Need MIB Gold Nugget Chief!


dat bimetal irony already


What are your 5 biggest wants?


quake, aftershock, valor, yeti, bonfire, forte