What yoyo's are popular right now?


Odd question I know. I haven’t thrown in awhile. Looking to get something new. But not having thrown for awhile what are the great players on the street right now? I was looking at the MFD Ape-X, and obviously I await the new Gen-Yo :). The CLYW Bonfire looks tasty. Thanks for any help all.


I’m a fan of my OD Rally. I like my Strix as well. Just one opinion.


Really, most CLYW, Onedrop, YYR, G2, and new releases are for the cool kids 8). But, just find something that you think that you would like. More than likely, you will love it!

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The popular ones are the Shutter,Benchmarks and Level 6. I would recommend YYF Aviator, IT IS A MONSTER. Oh, I know CLYW,YYR,Ondrop and G2 are cool but Auldey Ares and Magnum is way cooler. :smiley:

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All the new stuff


Really depends on what you are looking for in a yoyo.

If you want to go high end

The CLYW 2014 lineup is super hot at the moment if you want to go, we released the second run of my signature yoyo the puffin2 one day ago and it’s already sold out of all colorways except one on YYE.

Yoyorecration is by far the most popular in Japan at the moment though.
Draupnir probably being the most used yoyo at Japan nats for competition but it’s more than 200usd

One drops are also really popular in the US.

Budget metals are also really hot at the moment.

Shutter probably the most popular one followed by Level6,too hot and the benchmark series.

Some plastics have been really in too

Notable ones being the new Diffusion by YYR, Yeti by Clyw and Rally by Onedrop.


Palli, have you ever considered a career in marketing? You seem to be promoting Puffin 2 at every chance you have. Not that it’s wrong. Puffin 2 looks awesome.


The MFD Ape-x is a ton of fun, I love mine. Also just got an OD Rally which is a really sweet plastic throw. As others have said, many people enjoy OD and CLYW. Excited to get my Puffin 2 this week!


Huh? It’s his signature yo-yo. Why wouldn’t he want to promote it?

That being said I feel that his post was very neutral and straight forward with his views on the topic.


haha I guess I do talk a lot about it, I’m just so happy how it turned out! I dont think I can ever like another yoyo as much as I like it.


His post was good, but my main point was how much he promotes his yoyo. As one of the few big name playera who has a YYE account, he’s alot more active. However, if I had a sig I would shout it out to everyone I ever come across.


Bought the one drop Valor and it easily became my favorite yoyo very quickly! They sell out really quick and anyone who has one will tell you they will not disappoint at all, you should def. look into getting one as one of your options!


You should check out what companies are doing with plastic yoyos these days! The sOMEthing Crazy-D, Yoyorecreation ‘New’ Diffusion, CLYW Yeti, OD Rally.

These things are all insane and play - easily - as well as metals that cost twice the price.


Going to bump this up. I am still looking at stuff, buy my head is reeling with all the choices. Looking at CLYW, and One Drop at the moment.


YYR Draupnir has a pretty large following but is very spendy
The yoyofactory budget throws like the too hot and shutter are very popular as well
C3 movitation is pretty loved
APE-X definitely has a cult following
People love the Summit as well and the puffin 2
Onedrop has a valor which gets a good amount of praise although the T1 is doing ok
General yo has the amplitude on the way but everyone loves the prestige

Your best bet is to check out the BST and see what everyone wants.