The most popular yoyo!!!


What do you guys think is the most popular yoyo?


Highly depends on the day of the week and the phase of the moon. :wink:


There is always a new flavor of the month. Some have outlasted this phase. The Draupnir is the first yoyo that comes to mind. Even 3 or 4 years later it’s still one of the (if not the most) popular yoyos.


It depends on a lot of variables, including what you mean by popular. In terms of simple numbers, I’m sure one of the basic Duncans like the Butterfly would be the winner.


It might be the YYF Shutter - do you know a yoyoer who doesn’t have one? I don’t.

As far as one people like the most - yeah, I dunno. Flavor of the month. On pure ownership I’d go Shutter, though. Followed by the N12 Shark Honor


Allow me to introduce myself. I’m French and I do not own a Shutter.


But who hasn’t tried one?

(InvaderDust) #8

I also would say Shutter. Maybe things are slowly changing but that seems to be the first go-to. It was mine. And now i hand my shutter to anyone who might want to learn to throw.

Does that make it the best? Not by a long shot.


I don’t have one… I never had one.


But the ProtoStar was the Shutter before the Shutter existed. Then the Replay Pro was the Shutter after the Shutter, if by the most popular yoyo he means the yoyo perhaps most-recommended to people overall and seemingly in the arsenal somewhere of most every avid thrower.


Me Either!!!


Duncan butterfly for most popular to own.

I have yet to try a shutter by I tried a shu ta.


You’re missing out :wink:

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Duncan butterfly, I own a few as I’m sure most do. Shutter, ( although I’ve never tried one ) is seen alot.


I have a few dozen Butterfly’s and a Shutter but my favorite yoyo is the one in my hand at the time.

(yospeedracer) #16

So, “most popular” would probably be:
Duncan butterfly


I agree with both Duncan Butterfly and YYF Shutter.

Duncan Butterfly is like a given answer to this question as even toy stores here in the Philippines carry them.
For the YYF Shutter, the marketing for this yoyo is well-done. It is not a yoyo for everyone though, but everyone in the community knows this yoyo and newcomers may almost consider shutter as their first metal yoyo.

(InvaderDust) #18

I struggle with this. Is the “popularity” judged by sole # of sales? How well known it is to the general populace? How often one gets thrown? How many people are playing with one on any given day? Cause I would bet that in any given day, there are more shutters being thrown than butterflys. People throw Shutters alot as by that time they are mostly all throwers by that time.
Butterflys on the other hand, I dont expect them to be played with much after the first day or so before they start to gather dust as a novelty toy, as opposed to a serious tool of expression. 99% of their sales are to those with low to no experience, and lets face it, the butterfly is not giving anyone a helping hand into the yoyo world. If anything its a bar keeping them from getting in. Like a bouncer that doesnt let unattractive women into the club. Sure, there are some that can weasle past it and continue, but most that try will be put off of its enormous difficulty and extreme lack of stability that makes one get the “I can do this!” feeling that hooks them into the hobby.

Now I garner lots of hate for my lack of love for the butterfly, Im OK with this. I see it on a different level than alot of you cause I work in a toy store/hobby shop that sells a decent array of yoyos. I see this more often than people realize. Had them a butterfly they will set it back down in a minute or two at most. Give them a shutter and a quick rundown on how to bind, and for the next several minutes they will try and soon get it to return. The look on their faces when they get a bind, vs the look on their faces when they are setting the butterfly back down speaks VOLUMES. Its no contest for me as far as hands on goes. Theory vs real life.

Butterfly sells more but is like a huffy bike. Everyone knows the name, but quality is bottom of the bottom shelf. They are both the least expensive AND the cheapest.

As far as overall useage? Shutter would win by miles and miles and miles.

So if your talking about popular to throwers? Shutter.
Popular to those who might be interested in getting their first yoyo? Butterfly. But there is a serious % of these that will never proceed or become a thrower due to the discouragement that the butterfly gives out in spades. So while it may be popular, that does not make it good.


Only if you measure by the quantity sold. In terms of what people who actually yoyo prefer it’s all over the map.


By actual play, the Freehands (1, 2, 0, etc) may be even more than the Shutter. Not currently, but overall. Number wise, and players. When the FH was in it’s prime everyone owned multiples of them, they were played by almost everyone in contests, they were THE yoyo. Created an entire culture of modding yoyos.