Most Commonly Owned Yoyo?

Which yoyo do you
Believe is most commonly owned?
And which do you think should be owned?

I nominate the DM2 as the most commonly owned yoyo, and everyone should own a Titan3 and a Theory

Duncan Imperial

The FH2 and FHZ would be commonly owned I would think. DMII is pretty common as well.

Which one do you recommend every body own though? I don’t own a FHZ lol

FHZ, DM2, and Protostar/Northstar would be my guesses.


Whatever they sell most of in Toys “Я” Us and Walmart. Maybe a Duncan Imperial.

Or possibly whatever Auldey’s top-seller is.


Butterfly, imperial.

For people who yoyos seriously as a hobby, it’s between dark magic 2, proto/northstars, and maybe the dv888.
For people who don’t yoyo I’d say the imperial.

Common: DV888
Should be owned: Capless

Out of actual yoyoers, DV888 is very common as well as the DM1 DM2 PGM, and Raptor. and Protostars Northstars, F>A>S>T. ect

Yeah, I know tons of people that have Duncan Imperials and Butterflies, they’re pretty much like American icons. A lot of younger kids I know that had/have brief interests in yoyoing do tend to have the DM2 or at least know what it is and ask if I have one. The DM2 actually was my first good yoyo, followed by my Protostar lol

Depends on the country - in Germany most skill toy shops sell Henrys yoyos (not the best choice in my opinion - but that’s the way it is).

What the most common yoyo should be? - no one, because I like diversity.

probably the yomega x brain

I’ve compiled a list of extremely popular yoyos.

Dark Magic
YYF ProtoStar
YYF Dv888
YYF 888
CLYW Chief

my guess is the duncan butterfly, super super cheap, a lot of people pick them up to see if they like yoyoing… I know I did, thought I think I broke it and threw it away. My next throw was the DM2. I’d say thats pretty common too.

IMO commonly owned yoyos I have seen are

code 2

If it is unresponsive, it isn’t a commonly owned yoyo. Unresponsive yoyos are a niche market.

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