"Yoyo" vs "Return Top"?

This has been on my mind for a few days after browsing the CLYW site…
I was wondering if there was a specific reason the Canadian events and companies often refer to our favorite toy as the “Return Top”.

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the term yoyo is copyrighted in canada, so they use the term return top so they dont get into legal trouble.

Even CLYW’s name doesn’t actually have yoyo in it, though I think we can be fairly certain that’s where the Y comes from.

I have a Canadian yoyo, the Micro Bullet. It was just branded as a YoYo® Top. Until the term yoyo became a generic word here in the states, other companies had to come up with clever names along with ‘return top.’ Will always be a yoyo to me regardless of any copyright.

SPYY just refers to them as “Throws.”

Well, they used to be Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works, but they had to change the name because of the legal trouble RobbieG mentioned.

Right, which is why I said that.