i don't get it

just realized this today.
CLYW stands for caribou lodge yoyo works, yet they call their yoyos return tops.
i don’t get it.

The word “yo-yo” is still trademarked in Canada.

Yes, but they call most of their yoyos return tops.

Ah yeah, Nathan wasn’t questioning, he was clarifying. All CLYW throws are referred to as return tops.

They can get away with the initial “Y”

From my understanding, the company was originally named Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works, but once the trademark issue came into play, they changed to CLYW. Enough of a change to not deal with the trademark, but not enough that people had to get used to a different name.

Genius in my opinion.


^is correct. Officially CLYW doesn’t stand for anything.

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You mean they call all of their return-tops return-tops.

I thought it was for Yeti

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In 2008 CLYW stood for Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works. In 2015, CLYW stands for CLYW. It is just the name of their brand and not an acronym for anything.

Caribou Lodge Yeti Works would be awesome.


hmm I never knew it was the name of the company, but pretty genius if you tell me

The company was originally named “Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works”, but that was before they knew of the “yoyo” trademark in Canada. Now “CLYW” is the whole name.