What does CLYW stand for?

I always thought it was probably Caribou Lodge Yo-yo something, but I really have no idea.

Caribou lodge yoyo works

Thank you!

I made up a version: Caribou Lodge YoYo’s Win!

Really, it now only stands for Caribou lodge. Because Duncan has a patent on the word yoyo, so CLYW cannot use it in their name, and they call their yoyos return tops.

It’s another canadian company, not Duncan. That’s why Saturn Precision Yoyos is SPYY now. If it were Duncan, it’d prevent YoyoFactory, YoyoJam, and many many more.

Duncan did, however, attempt it in the past, which is most likely what you’re thinking about.

It’s a candy company.

Oh. well i am wrong.

Imagine if we had to get all of our yoyos from Duncan because they made a patent on the yoyo.


what’s wrong with Duncan?

Nothing is “wrong” with Duncan. But imagine a world with just Duncan’s. no CLYW, no yoyo factory, and not to mention all of the great team members we wouldn’t have. Yoyoing wouldn’t be what it is now.

Nothing. You just don’t want a sole source.

It’s not a patent, it’s a registered trademark. Yomega owns the Yo-Yo brand in Canada. That kind of fixed-axle yoyo is quite common and prevalent in these parts. Everyone has owned one, if they’ve ever owned a yoyo. I have a natural wood one. And yup, it says “Yo-Yo” on it!