CLYW news!

taken from the CLYW blog site

"Due to some unforeseen circumstances it became necessary for us to change our company name. We’re currently in the process of re-branding our blog to show this. Our company will now be known as CLYW Inc. (or CLYW when we use our logo).

Our website is no longer going to be in use. One day we’ll make a new site with a new domain. For now the Caribou Blog is the place for all CLYW info.

Also we’ll no longer be using the word “yoyo” in any of our branding. In Canada the word YO-YO is a registered trademark. The legal name is actually return top. I think this name is ridiculous and brings to mind sweat pants and fanny packs … not our fun little spinning disc toy. Plus nobody really knows what a return top is."

discuss away YYE!!

I think that’s ridiculous. The Word yoyo is used in normal society as a verb (you know what I mean), and should not be able to have some kind of copyright upon it.

thats just silly… yoyos need a “legal” name??

As a verb? Yoyoing is a verb. Yoyo is a noun.

Yes, but it can be translated into a verb, as can it be used as a metaphor or a similie.

reminds me of what happened to duncan in the early 60’s. he had the word “yo-yo” trademarked as well, but after a buttload of legal battles, he lost it.

That makes me sad that your changing the name of your company :frowning: I really like Caribou Lodge. Right when i get a BvM too…gosh lol

That’s probably the same thing that got Saturn Precision Yo…err…SPYY.
_* _

Unfortunately the company that owns the Trademark YOYO in Canada sucks!

They make horrible 5 dollar yoyos that are bad loopers at best. That’s probably why you don’t see any other yoyo companies up here as much…

Someone should fight them, CLYW and SPYY make much better yoyos than YOYO.

That is the same reason that caused SPYY to change.

Well, i guess businessman start to smell money.