Yoyos in Canada

So in Canada, what we know as a yoyo is a return top…
Then what is a yoyo in canada?! ???

Yoyo is a trademarked name in Canada. Some company owns the name YoYo and refuses to let any other Canadian company call their product a “yoyo”.

A yoyo is still a yoyo it’s just some lousy trademark law that should really be revoked.

It would be like me trademarking the word soup.

Ummm, I’ll be right back… I think I left the oven on *Runs to try and trade mark the word “Soup” *

Jelly might have just been trademarked. The last jar I used proclaimed that it was “Spreadable Fruit.”

Basically it doesn’t matter what it’s called. Yoyos, Jelly, Soup… No matter what trademarks say you are always going to call it what everyone knows it’s name by.

I’m asking, what is trademarked as a yoyo? What product?
Does anyone know?

If you go to Canadian stores like Zellers you’ll see a brand of YoYo called YOYO.

Some of them are like Fast Eddy Shooters and stuff like that. They totally suck and are a waste of a trademark.