Yoyo Valentine

Well, today is Valintine’s Day and I am not really a very romantic person, so I decided my new Avalanche that I got from Plank4god (great guy) would be my valintine. What’s yours?

Valentines from girls, and the first blood brother and some string coming from YYE lol

My Galactic Goose :stuck_out_tongue:

i did the heart picture trick and posted it on facebook, wish i had a girlfriend to show it to though…

My girlfriend…

my fiance got me a lake erie monster burnside and a ann connelly superstar =]

If only I could get one…

girls so complcated, aka turned down 7 times for dance (cough)

There was a Valentines Dance last Friday. I don’t understand it. All it does is make girlfriend-less teen boys feel bad. T.T

I went to the dance this Saturday. Waste of money IMO. Could’ve gone towards a new burnside

The bucket of ice cream sitting in my freezer.

lmao haha.

And yeah, all I got was some stupid cards I threw away. I went green this year by just saying happy valentines day lol

Considering it’s my wives birthday…

Singles Awareness Day?

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Good save for us singles… :’(

Not having a GF basically means saving money.

Sounds forever alone, but still, it’s true.

So I’m just going to be on YYE like a loner :smiley:


You save so much money, but without people mindlessly spending on their “loved ones” a lot of people would be out a lot of money. So next time you feel like a “loser” or what ever for not having a gf just remember that our society is totally manipulated into thinking such, its all a game.

Your throw will be with you longer than a girl will anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s like saying that not being a yoyoer saves you money because you don’t buy any yoyos. It’s true, but it doesn’t really matter.

I’ve never really cared much for valentines day in the past. And the last time I actually had a girlfriend on valentines, she didn’t really care much for the day either. This time I did have a girlfriend who cared about the day, so I got er somethign and we spent the whole day together. Wasn’t really all that expensive to be honest, and I had a great time.

Related video on the subject: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbUIAbu-EX4

For Valentine’s day I got my valentine (my wife) a Heartbreak Dang (with purple side effects)…