What did you get people for Valentines?

The question is, what did you get for people for Valentines?

I made my mom a yoyo out of bottle caps. It works, but not the best…

That’s kinda cool! I tried making a yoyo out of a bobbin once! Didn’t work too well. In answer to the real question though I didn’t get anyone anything-don’t have to for the other half of Valentine’s Day (aka Single Appreciation Day). :wink:

I gave people some Pixy Stick thing with a little card on it. That’s all. All kids want is the candy after all…

Umm… I got another Valentines day single.
Happy S.A.D. day. (Single Awareness Day)

Got my wife some roses, card and some perfume and bought myself these:

Those are some Sweet Shoes!
Actually Im Home Schooled, so I didnt get anybody non related something.
But for all my Family, I got them some White Chocolate Truffles. They Loved them! :wink:
(Best Chocolate EVER btw)


Got my people some Chocolate. Now if only I could have somebody to celebrate this holiday with next year.

All I did was buy my wife a nice card and a box of chocolates. That’s all. :stuck_out_tongue: