Yoyo tutorial 1 qq 2 coaster

this was meh first yoyo trick i made and first tutorial

Great trick! With speed, it looks SO AWESOME.

Constructive criticism

In future tutorial videos (which I hope you do) make sure the viewer can clearly see the string. To do this, I suggest either A: Better lighting. B: Using Glowing string, or C: Both!

Also, I know I can say this about all tricks, but this is a VERY basic combo. In future videos I hope to see more originality and awesomeness.

Other than the two above listed problems, you did everything right.

(Post Script) Awesome Name, although I am really wondering how you got the “qq” part of the name.

the problem is my camera wont find the string :frowning:

If you are using white or bright string, I suggest doing it in a semi-darkened room while wearing a black shirt.

i am using hte yoyoexpert cross string red black and white