1A Tutorial: Jacob's Roller Coaster


This is my first tutorial for a yoyo trick. Feedback is appreciated.

I named it Jacob’s Roller Coaster because it reminds me of McBride Roller Coaster. It involves elements from a lot of different tricks.

It’s very easy to learn. It’s around intermediate level. It’s not like I’m super advanced or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you enjoy!

Not bad for your first tut. Keep it up!

Cool trick and a well made tutorial. If I may add a criticism though some of the text doesn’t stay on long enough for me (probably others?) to read it. Of course it could be paused to read but I thought I’d to point that out for you.

Well done overall.

Thanks! I’ll definantly keep that in mind for the next one I make.

Nice tutorial. I need to learn this, my name is Jacob! :slight_smile:

Good tut.

I just think that you should have worn a black shirt so we could have seen the string better.

Thanks. :smiley:

Great start!
Try to find a space with a darker wall or tape up a sheet (I’ve even seen people use plastic garbage bags). Everything you can do to improve string visibility. Remember you want any light sources to be behind the camera, pointed at you. The more the better, outdoors of course is where you’ll get the best lighting. A 2nd angle doesn’t hurt either.

Thanks. I’ll remember all of that for my next one. I didn’t really think too much about string visibility and stuff like that.

Here are mine
I do a lot outdoors when I can.
Definitely check out
rethinkyoyo.com if you haven’t yet, he does a wonderful job as well.

Keep 'em coming, the more people we have teaching, the faster the sport expands

I’ve seen a couple of yours before. I really like them.

The ones at rethinkyoyo.com are really cool too. I’ve seen most of them already.

Pretty soon I think I might start making a series of videos dedicated to green triangles. Just different ways to get in them. I’ve just been experimenting with them a lot lately. I might even make one tonight if I’m not doing anything.