Easy green triangle

this is my first tut so dont yell at me to much ;D

Allright. I’m gonna hit you with some friendly advice:

  1. Visibility - I cannot stress how important this is. You have the right idea, with a string that contrasts your string color. However, this just doesn’t work with a white shirt and dark string. Switch it around. Bright string, dark shirt = much win.

  2. Editing - Edit out the pieces where you get up to the step you’re explaining. If I’m watching this, and you tell me to do something, and you show all the steps leading up to it, by the time I get to the new part, I’ve forgotten the instructions. Also, take out the bits where you return the yoyo inbetween takes. Better yet, do it all in one throw.

The system you used was good though. Full trick in the beginning, instructions followed by clip, trick again (in slow motion! woot!) Was very good. Looking forward to another tutorial from you :slight_smile:

k ill consider all of this and i will make more tuts soon ;D

Not a bad first shot. You went through and gave good demos of every step. I’d suggest that you do the trick lower or aim the camera higher (which I saw that you did at the end.) and either get different color string or a darker background. I had the same problems my first time too so don’t sweat it. :slight_smile:

Wow. Nice first tutorial! Good work! :wink:

Just a tip, you don’t need to bind for every clip you make. Just continue the clip. ;D

I agree great first tut…I nevr knew that way! u should make more with the advice already given 2 u. Also, I forget, what styles do u do?

i dont know that many tricks but im ok with whips and i like poping the yoyo around. Also guys i found out how to do a wrist mount from this G.T.:smiley: