Yoyo Trick Tutorial - Cranky Mallard


This is a really cool trick, Jeremy. Nice work!


Love the regen element!

as for me its really good tutorial

Thank you!

It’s a fun one for sure once you get it down.

The world is full of negativity and far too little effective constructive feedback. While you are entirely entitled to your opinion, you may want to consider your motivations in a comment like this.

  1. If your goal was to make me feel bad and want to quit teaching yoyo tricks for free, this was an effective way to do it.
  2. If your goal was to suggest ways for me to improve my delivery in creating tutorials, here are some things to consider. If you want to give constructive feedback, “boring and bad” are overly critical terms. If your intent was to suggest ways for me to improve, please suggest specific ways to improve the creation of a tutorial. Here’s an example.
    “I appreciate you taking the time to teach this trick. It would be easier to learn if you had a dark background and spent the $400 on a GoPro with a head cam so you can provide a better top town angle. Thanks again!”

In elementary school, we called this “two stars and a wish”, its a way to give feedback that makes people actually want to improve. You always want to pair criticism with compliments. If all you ever do it throw negativity, people will quickly learn to ignore you.

You did, however, give suggestions for channels to watch. Mr. Matio is fantastic. Mavetrick isn’t one I’ve looked at. I appreciate the effort made by the folks doing cabin tutorials, but those are less tutorials than just tricks slowed down.

I don’t make money making tutorials. It’s always something I’ve done as community service. With my disability it’s hard for me to yoyo for long periods of time, or sit at the computer for hours editing a perfect tutorial, so instead I do the best I can to share the tricks I’ve made. I’m sorry this one wasn’t helpful to you.


This so silly! Only someone who has emotional/personality issues would say something like this to you. It’s a reflection of their character not your tutorial, because it and the trick are great. Thank you!


I appreciate your comment, thank you!. I try not to make assumptions about other people if I can avoid it. I lean towards optimistic and assume that it’s someone who is young and still developing their communication skills.


This looks like a fun one for sure! I’ll be giving it a whirl this evening :slight_smile:


Really cool trick, Jeremy! I’m having some trouble with the part where it starts to bind then flips the other way, particularly with getting it to start binding. Anyone have any tips?

If you are familiar with the trick hop the fence, it’s a similar technique. Once the bind catches, you flip your hand over and ‘throw’ it again before it fully winds up. It’s a type of regeneration. You can practice the them from a basic bind, this is a good tutorial on regens. Let me know if that doesn’t help and I’ll film a short video for you on that technique.

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Thanks, working on the regen now (from a different bind). I think I’m having more trouble still with the bind starting to catch. Does it have anything to do with the loop coming from the throw hand or just the string coming over with the NTH?

I’m pretty sure it’s in the NTH motion, turning it over at just the right time, that double string has to catch far enough in the gap. If that makes any sense.

Yeah, I think that helps. Will keep that in mind. Thanks!