1a tutorial - Leg trick thingy

An around the leg trick with a flash bind.

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Great to see a tutorial on that bind! It’s been one of my favorites but it’s always hard to nail every time. Can’t wait to see your next tut! Especially in the combo building section, those have been a great help for making a routine.

I will be learning this. I love your website because you guys have a large amount of tutorials of small trick elements that can be combined with other tricks to create unique and flashy combos. Thank you MonkeyFinger:)

I’m glad to be of service! Thats been my idea. I know I don’t ever watch a video and learn someone elses entire combo, I pick out a couple elements I like, so I try to build the tricks that I tutorial with that in mind. I’m currently working on the binds, regens and transitions video for the combo builder series. Its been tricky to film as I only learned how to regen about a month ago, lol.

Can’t wait! As for me, reverse regens I find pretty easy, but I always get crazy vibe when I do a breakaway regen.

Thats a tough one. I am going to reflim becuase I realize I didn’t explain that well enough. Its to do with a slight hesitation. Its a hesitation before the throw, I’ll post here when the video is up.

Here it is!

Looks great! Thanks so much for making these! Also, I couldn’t help but notice you aren’t wearing your signature fedora.

All I can say about that is I’ve been lazy and its winter. I wear Fedoras April-October, Hoodies and toques the rest of the year. I’ll throw one on just for you next video though!

Good! I always wear my fedora when throwing. Over the past few months I’ve covered it in all the yoyo stickers I could lay my hands on and it looks pretty sweet.

Good on ya!