Unresponsive yo-yo Regens - finally


I was thinking about how little time I spent on them, and noticed another website (BillyBobs) just uploaded a good tutorial for 4 or 5 of them. Currently working on getting them smooth without a lot of wobble  ;D

This one by miguel correa is enough for starters. I don’t need to get fancier until these are consistent.

We often talk about how do I get more “flow” and the ability to string tricks together for a more professional look. Have been working on combining front style and side style tricks as seamlessly as I can using the two basic regens.  It’s a lot of fun, and if you haven’t had much experience with them, it can be a little game to alternate between the front/side style tricks you know. Later on I want to try them out with the other binds I know.  Not sure what to expect, that’s part of the fun.

The longer you can go, the greater the indication of your progress imo.

Lastly, I saw in a Mike Montgomery video he suggested throwing lightly to learn what’s going on.
I agree, and you get a clear sense of the momentum you gained by a proper regen throw. It is satisfying  to get it right!

Jacob’s from Casual Tutorials - wish he’d make more, they are excellent for beginner and up.