Yoyo-Trick Tutorial Contest!!! (Have Fun)

Everybody can either post a link to there trick on my forum or send me a private message if you dont want other people to see it the reward is Either an H-spin Phoenix or a OD Code 1 (Your Choice :P)Ends at 6:30Pm 3/27/14(Eastern Time)

That’s a really really short deadline.

He just changed i think he saw your post

Msg me if you have anymore questions

thats better

Idk if I’ll be able to submit but well see I guess

Did you get my entry?

When is the new deadline

Did you get mine as well. When are the results also

Did u get mine?

The new deadline was about 5 hour’s ago.

i was just thinking about that cause i never a post of him changing other than last night when he changed it to 6:30pm. I got mine in just in time!:grinning:

Congratulations Username1 Youve won Excellent trick tutorial i loved it Which yoyo would you like :slight_smile:

Code 1