YoYo Trick Families

hi everyone!
which trick families do you divide yoyo tricks to?
in other words- if you have a trick list, how do you organize it?

I’m trying to find a way to categorize and group tricks together. this way when I’m playing I could think “now I’m gonna do some _____ type tricks”.

I’ve got this idea from other skill toys, where you can really find common aspects/elements in tricks and group them together.
1 diabolo- trapezes, suns, suicides, grinds, whips, verts, knots, arounds, etc.
poi spinning- weaves, reels, butterflies, flowers, crossers, hybrids, etc.

please post your ideas about how you see yoyoing tricks and organize them in your head.

EDIT: I don’t ask about the different trick categories which are ways-to-play-with-a-yoyo.
I ask how do you group tricks INSIDE the “string tricks” category. there are tons of “string tricks” and I wanna group them.

looping/ two handed looping, string tricks, avanced string tricks, offstring, freehand/ counterweight play. but it depends on the knowledge your auideence has on yoyos.
if they dont know much, explain the types to them.

suicides, whips, slacks, picture, other

I don’t really do that… considering that most of my tricks are pretty similar. I refer to things as “The awkward ladder mount trick” or “The trick that Adam likes”.

1a, 2a, 3a… and so on… :wink:

if I had to categorize them it would be by the mount they use. Assuming we’re talkin 1A.

Hooks & lacerations, grinds, IRGs (aka thumb grinds) frontstyle, sidestyle, braintwisters (variations and combos), stalls, chopsticks, hops & pops, tunnel, technical, endless amounts of Green Triangle variations, Red Triangles, trick binds, wrist mount tricks, string rejections, infinity (repeating) tricks… and just plain old string tricks.

That’s all I can think of right now

There might be too much variety in yo-yo tricks to group them into families. That’s what it’s like with juggling. I think it’s 'cuz you have way more freedom when you’re thinking up tricks.

thanks a lot Mr. Yo & ratfacedudeguy, that’s what I meant! :o

does anyone have more additions? or corrections (like that one family is part of another)?
just trick families by which you’ll organize a 1A trick list. everyone must have thought about it at some point.

Well I don’t have any list that I go by. I barely know any named tricks anyway. All my stuff is totally mine. I would call all of them IKYO tricks! lol

I see…

btw, do you guys keep a trick-list?
I’d love to see it, please upload it or post it if you can.

but most tricks are just a combination of tech and slack.

In 5A there is basically electric-fan-esque stuff and tech.

Once I get my YouTube channel up and running I’ll have a video for just about every trick i do.

there already are. slack, whips, u could also sort them into starting mount families like 1.5 mount tricks, braintwisster mount tricks, whrist mount tricks and u can do that for everything :slight_smile: