some help please !

Could somebody tell me (if it’s possible) all the tricks that belong in each category: Beginner, intermediate . . .pro . thanks !

Do you mean on yoyoexpert? They are listed on here, by category.

If this isn’t what you mean then no…

I mean generally where can i see alist with tricks ?

Just type on YouTube “yoyo tricks.” There will be all kinds. You could type in cabin tutorials, mrmatio, or Yoyoexpert and will also get tons of them.

There aren’t really general lists just because there are so many. Other than the tricks on here, there aren’t too many places that have them sorted by difficulty.

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There is now a printable list here under the learn tab, so you can check them off as you go.

edit: just realized who covered everything i said, whoops :stuck_out_tongue:

I would give you different list from various sites but the mods probably wouldn’t like that. The best your gonna find for what your looking for is the tutorials found on other sites similar to yye. I would recommend looking up “yoyo tricks” if you want to see some lists.

Hope this helps