Yoyo Trade Opinion Thread


So there have been many threads asking if a trade is fair or not. So if you have that question post here and ill try my best to answer, others feel free to help too!

be sure to state condition, maybe any vibe or ano flaws if they are really noticeable

I can try my best to help everyone out. And justbecause the value is even doesnt nnecessarily mean its totally even, sometimes things like rarity need to be takeb into account.

I know this is a fair trade but. Ill be the first to go just as an example…

my near miny pancakes cascade for their mint larkspar Benchmark O

You can replywith" fair" and state why or “not fair” and whosadvantage and why

And just so everyone knows not all trades will be 100% equal every time, sometimes if you want something bad you have to trade more, sometimes not but just bc a trade might be slightly to someones advantage doesnt mean hes trying to rip you off.

Ill do my best to help…


I personally think the appraisal thread hasn’t been doing to bad on this topic already

I’d say there’s about a $5 different in favor of the cascade but it’s ok if the benchmark is something you’re after


Their mint OG peak for my duncan butterfly

Lol jk.

What about my grasshopper code2 near mint for their mint radical seas set sail?