I need feedback on a trade HELP SOON


I want to know if I should trade my mint c3 token (Which is in a trim they no longer sell) for a yyj revolution. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks in advance


They’re both in stock, check their prices.


Both of those are for sale still

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If you don’t like what you have, trade it. Just saying having a yoyo that I don’t enjoy much, isn’t worth much to me. I might as well trade it for something I might like more. If you like what you have well that’s a different story all together.


What I meant is the color of the token was in last years run and they don’t have it anymore


I presume the condition of both is equal. So…

Newer model, but less expensive $28, sold out colorway, metal pocket throw.


Slightly older model, but more expensive $47, not sold out colorway, bi-metal full size.

Go for it! It sounds like a fair trade to me. This might be slightly in your favor. Make sure you ask about how it plays and the condition of the guts. Good luck!

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Yeah for sure… Ive had some trades where the threads were messed up before :frowning:


I am doing the trade in real life because I haven’t committed to doing any trades online yet


Make sure you check for cracking along the rims and and hub


You are wise in that regard.  I rarely use the BST these days.  It comes in handy, when looking for items no longer available new from retail.

But, while online trades can be somewhat risky, there are some good traders out there.  This is worth a read in case you want to get your feet wet in the future.