Is this a fair trade?

Hi, I’m trying to trade my very, very near mint OG Jasper Geode Avalanche. Someone offered me a mint silver Avant Garde and a near mint in box splash DV888. He says that AGs sell “religiously” at $70 and the DV888 “religiously” at $45 (says it’s a unique coloway, it’s just a mass-produced splash) on eBay. He says he’ll also add 20 strings and a bearing. Is this a fair trade?


I wouldn’t do it… But if you like the deal go for it.



With the dv888, I wouldn’t do that trade. It would have to be another yoyo but a dv888 isn’t all that good, play or value wise.

I just got offered a Stealth Ogre so I’m taking that. Thanks!

The dv888’s sell for $55 with special splash, $45 regular/solid. Once sold, they go for $25/30 on the after-market sale. I have a dv888, I’m not a super huge fan of it. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying it’s not an ideal fit for me. I am glad I have one, and I will play it from time to time to challenge myself. It has purpose in my collection, even if just as reference yoyo to compare other things with.

I won’t comment on the Avant Gard. I haven’t played it and it’s not an item of interest to me.

The “assurances” of the other end of the deal sound a bit dubious to me. I was gonna say “fulla crap” but I’m just trying to be nice. Oh wait, I kinda goofed up there.

My gut instincts say “no, this isn’t a fair trade”. But, hey, what do I know? You can snag another Ava for $120(perhaps). It’s ultimately your call.

This is in no way a slam against YYF. They do not trade well since they are a dime a dozen. There are so many produced in each and every batch that the trade value on YYF is lower than a CLYW or any of the other highly sought after boutique yoyos.

The only DV888’s that come even close to $45 are the OG hardcoat ones that are becoming increasingly difficult to find

The original avant gardes barely go for $45 new on the BST. YYF had them at nationals for $30 new anyways. The AG2 might get you $60

Would not take it ever. You can get more for your Avalanche.

Qualifying condition with “Near mint” and “very, very near mint” make realistic trade assessments almost impossible. If a yo-yo is blemished it’s difficult to assess a perceived value without clear pictures.

^^^Agreed with you in many instances saintrobyn. Somewhat older YYF yo-yos trade or sell for above (and sometimes well above) OG prices though.

I would do a cartwheel in my living room if I was offered $70 for my AG1. And then another cartwheel if I owned a DV888 and someone offered me $45 for it.

I would agree with that, but those older YYF’s would be from when they would have been considered a boutique company. I am just referencing the newer stuff which is more mass produced. Products from the original Project Red Alert Line still command a good chunk of change.