Up for sale we have a YYF 888 and DV888. I’m also selling a Playmaxx Turbo Bumble Bee GT. The 888 and DV888 are in mint condition while the GTB is well played. The DV888 will include original packaging.

YYF 888: $90 SOLD

YYF DV888: $55 SOLD

Playmaxx GTB: $10 SOLD

Not really interested in trades. Need some dough.

Only trades LF:
YYF New ‘Classic’ 07 888

If that price drops on the dv888 i want it

How much of a drop are you looking for?

Why would you drop on a Yo-Yo that is already cheaper than it’s MSRP?

Just asking. I want these gone and I’m just curious.

If I could buy over the internet, right now that Dv888 would be in my hands. ;D

I’m not gonna name a price so I dont sound greedy but what is the least you would let it go for

Because he wants to sell it. If there are no buyers at $60, but there are at $50…

Personally, I wouldn’t buy it at $60. For only 5 more bucks I could get a brand new one!

Anyways, good yoyos, FREE BUMP!

I would say $50 is the absolute lowest I would let this go for. It’s only been thrown for about 10 minutes over carpet. Pretty much brand new.

imo, 55 is a reasonable price.



I know you are not interested in trades but I will try anyway. Ive got a hopped up team losi mini LST with lipo battery plus charger. for both?

Dang another person who knows a thing about rc cars. I would take that trade if I were him.

No thanks, I’m not a big Losi fan. I have 4 Traxxas vehicles.

This is super off topic, but who races? I used to race stock class with my associated rc10b4, and I used to race carpet with my 1/12th crc carpet knife

I race at my local club once in a while when I can make it down. I race a Rustler and Slash.

888 GONE!

Dude just pointing it out but thats not a limited edition dv888

When did he say that? Did he edit his post or something?