Yoyo topics

Well this is what i had started with… A duncan butterfly(knock off from walmart), then i went to florida for vacation, and got a yoyo at an arcade while i was there, it had good sleep time, even though it was a cheesey dollar store yoyo, then came the fireball from yomega, that was what i had when i started learning tricks and really getting into yoyoing, then i decided i would buy a yoyo, so i went to toys r us cause they sell some cheap yoyos, thats when i got the duncan speedbeedle, and with that i got better at sleeping and binding, then the one i have now is the legacy its an affordable yoyo, and well it gets the job done and i love it, but now after all thats happened in my life i want to upgrade and theres so much good choices, i just dont know what to choose, so if you got any ideas feel free to message me, well thats all thanks!